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November 15, 2015 / Gregory Williams

Recipe: Buckaroo Beer

Social Williams

Good basic beer that doesn’t change much from batch to batch even if your hops, malt, and yeast do.


3.3 LBS light LME @ boil
.5 LBS Amber DME @ boil
3.3 LBS light LME @ knockout
. 5 LBS Victory and Light Crystal Malt (Specialty Grains)
1 ounce of your favorite flavor hop pellets, or 2 ounces of fresh hops
.75 ounce of your preferred finishing hop pellets, or 1.5 ounces of fresh hops, to taste
1 Whirlfloc tablet
6 Gallons of water (3-3.5 to boil, the remainder added to bring volume to five gallons in fermenter).
1 11 gram (or more) package of ale yeast

Note: You can pretty much use whatever kind of specialty grains, malt extract, hops, or yeast you prefer or can get. and the recipe will still work. In fact, you don’t even really need the specialty grains at all if you want…

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