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December 11, 2014 / Gregory Williams

The Way of the Grilled Sandwich: Grilled Cheese

Buttered Bread

Lightly butter the bread.

Sandwiches are among the pinnacle of humanity’s achievements for their portability, versatility, and tastiness. The act of wrapping ingredients in bread probably extends back through history to a time just after the advent of the most basic breads, but I’m no historian when it comes to such things. It is sufficient for me to understand that sandwiches taste good and are a hearty means of abating hunger, and that most sandwiches are even better when they are grilled. A reality exemplified by the Grilled Cheese.

My method (and there are many out there) for grilled cheese is simple. Using soft butter, lightly coat the outer sides of the bread. Place one slice butter side down in a skillet or on a flat top set to a low heat, add the desired cheese slices, and top with the second slice of bread butter side up.

Flip Frequently over a low heat.

Flip Frequently over a low heat.

This is where patience is key. Do not rush. Rushing is not consistent with the Way of the Grilled Sandwich.

Slowly increase the heat until the bread achieves a character that can only be described as a crisp golden brown. It’s OK to flip the sandwich repeatedly as the heat is slowly raised. Once the cook knows their equipment well enough, this level of seemingly excessive monitoring can be adjusted for speed.

Cheeses vary, and melted goodness is paramount to a delicious final product, of course some cheeses just don’t melt well at all and some shouldn’t even be considered for grilled cheese in my opinion–such as Brie, but the grilled cheese is as much a personal matter as it is anything else. That said, for some cheeses it may be necessary to cover the sandwich to trap the heat to properly melt the cheese.

Melted Cheese

Melted Cheese




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  1. bloggerboii / Dec 11 2014 4:13 am

    Can’t go wrong with grilled cheese

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