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October 19, 2014 / Gregory Williams

A Pleasantly Busy Autumn

Autumn has been enjoyably busy, and rewarding. I have hobbies because I have a hard time sitting still. The mind is always going and the only way to calm it seems to be to focus it on tasks unrelated to work or household management.

These days I’ve got a companion. She’s a busy one too, and like her father the Toddler can hardly stay still. Weekends are of course for family time, and so we’ve spent our Sunday mornings brewing beer while her mother has a chance to sleep in. The Toddler helps measure the ingredients, and add them to the pot. Her favorite part is cleaning up after, because she loves making a mess cleaning up another!

Then it’s really family time once Mom wakes up, which usually involves chasing the kid around with one camera or another while she continues to discover the world around her.

At night I’ll settle into the home office or workshop to focus on my solo hobbies like firearms, cameras, or simply viewing the photos of a day’s events.

Here’s a gallery of some of these moments. Posted mostly to Instagram, where if you’re interested you can follow at, or on Tumblr at

Thanks for visiting! Hope you are all well.



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  1. AnaLuciaSilva / Oct 19 2014 4:52 pm

    Great shot =)

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