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August 22, 2014 / Gregory Williams

Taking Pictures of Fish is Hard

Since one of my older brothers gave me a Moor Goldfish when I was three years old I’ve been a bit of an aquarium enthusiast, and once I had the chance I kept a nice planted aquarium. It was great and the fish lived out their lives comfortably, but when there were just a few fish left I moved. The water quality wasn’t as good at my new place and the plants began to die off no matter what I did, and I tried everything. The fish carried on and were rehomed until the last one died of old age just this year.

These shots coincide with the inception of that particular aquarium some years ago when I was given the Nikon D50, shown below, photographed using this Canon AE-1.Nikon D50

I was surprised at the time how hard it was to take well lit and focused pictures of fish in aquaria, and wanting to take pictures like these forced me to take the Nikon off Auto and remember what I’d learned about using a manual camera, and to learn about what the Nikon could do manually.

It was a process that might not have made me a better photographer, but certainly made me a better camera user.

Dwarf Gaurami

Above is a Dwarf Guarami, I think, but a Guarami nonetheless… and below adolescent Australian Rainbow Fish swim in the same freshly planted aquarium.

Young Australian Rainbows



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  1. andrewvokes / Aug 23 2014 5:54 pm

    I used to love keeping fish as a child. I have mentioned it to the wife, but she insists we don’t have the room!

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