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June 1, 2014 / Gregory Williams

Weekend Walks

The last two weekends have had great weather for midday walks around the village, and today we took the same path as last week. That path leads us to a small and usually quiet park where the baby can play and we can relax a bit.

The dominant feature of the landscape is of course Mt. Si. Above was how it looked under bright but overcast skies last week as shot on the Nikon 1. Below shows it under today’s sunny skies.

I had to tweak the sunny shots in Lightroom because even with a polarizing filter at f/22 the Nikon Series E lens and Nikon D50 produced images slightly overexposed. I probably could have dealt with this in camera but we were on our way to the park after all.

You can check out some more of Mt. Si in Daylight, Mt. Si with Snow, or see them all here. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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  1. guyhugo / Jun 1 2014 3:57 am


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