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February 2, 2014 / Gregory Williams

Back at the Bench #3

At the end of August I received from my sister in law a box of ammo boxes, and a Canon AE-1, a camera I was more than happy to get my hands on. I used the camera right away. I’m just now getting to the ammo boxes.

Expanding press, primed brass, and scale.
Today press #1 was fitted with an expanding die to ready the cases for bullet seating.

Powder measure and bullet seating press.
After expanding the case, powder is loaded from the measure and the bullet is seated in press #2. Seated rounds go into boxes to await the next stage. I used to use whatever small box was handy for this purpose before I was blessed with a usable number of ammo boxes.

45ACP loaded with 200gn SWC, uncrimped.
It was late afternoon when I took this shot and the light was mixed. Anyway, these rounds need a factory crimp. See the 90 degree edge at the top of cases? That edge can cause feed or chambering problems.

Finished rounds with factory crimp.
These rounds are complete. The crimping die essentially sizes the case against defects and gives the case a uniform seal around the bullet, notice the more subtle edge. The crimp helps ensure smooth feeding from the magazine and reliable ignition when fired.

All of the 200gr SWC”s are loaded and there is primed brass left over so I’ll be loading the 185gr SWC to finish it off. Remember these were the bullets that gave me so much trouble here, and I think I figured out why, but that’s going to have to be explained in Back at the Bench #4.


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