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January 27, 2014 / Gregory Williams

Back at the Bench

Over a year ago I put up a photo of my reloading bench. It’s been neglected during that time and it’s all thankfully because of the baby.

Maybe it was an adjustment period? Maybe it was just a busy life? I’m not sure, but I haven’t made it out to the bench until this week. That meant also attending to the garage.

Baby contraptions of superfluous usefulness, boxes of crap, furniture for when she’s a little girl… a rocking dragon!? All these things and more obstructed everything else. I was finally ready to tackle it, and when I did it was organized enough to make room for a chair in front of the bench in about an hour.

First I had to finish priming some 45 ACP cases I started way back when. The primer is the little circle on the bottom of the bullet that when struck with a hammer or firing pin produces the spark that sets the powder off and sends the bullet charging down the barrel of the gun. Out of the 45 ACP cases I have on hand, about half had been primed before the baby was born.

Today everything was ready. Insert the primer into the primer holder, insert the case into the shell holder, lower the lever. Remove the case from the shell holder on press one. Make sure the primer is properly seated. Insert into the shell holder on press two, lower the lever to the size the case.

It’s a repetitive process that can go on for some time, dictated only by mood and the amount of brass or primers one has on hand. During that time the mind can become empty, freed from the everyday.

Some people achieve the same thing through running, or cycling, or through owning dogs, or cats, or model trains, or whatever. Whatever the trigger, it is important that we all get that mental break where the worry dissipates, and our minds are emptied of all but the task at hand.

Above a Lee Reloader fitted with the Lee Ram Primer. Below another Lee Reloader fitted with a carbide sizing die for 45 ACP and 45 Auto RIM. The cases shown are 45 ACP.


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