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January 16, 2014 / Gregory Williams

SKS Rifle, Chinese Type-56–Third Configuration

Here is the third configuration option for the SKS rifle, Chinese Type-56. This is the gun in a Tapco Intrafuse stock including a Tapco Sling Nut (not pictured because it is on the left side of the firearm). This configuration supports interchangeable magazines and tactical reloads thanks to the modified bolt carrier assembly.

The gun is safer to carry due to the installed Murray’s firing pin, and the barrel has been threaded 5/8-24 to support an A1 flash hider. Other mods include the replacement of the front sight with Top/Bottom Picatinny rails and a low profile adjustable front sight with a Tech-Sights rear aperture sight. The Tapco stock has had additional Picatinny rails installed on both the right and left sides which provide a better grip surface, or more room for accessories.

This is the same gun pictured in this post, only the stock has been changed. Shown here with a 10 round Pro-Mag magazine installed, and a 30 round steel magazine on the side.

It weighs in at about eight pounds unloaded.

Chines Type-56 SKS Tapco furniture


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  1. Lars Ekstrom / Sep 9 2016 7:09 am

    what brand is the front sight? did you have to modify the post to get it on paper?

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