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January 7, 2014 / Gregory Williams

Ciro-Flex (Guns and Cameras)

Social Williams

The Ciro-Flex pictured below, arrived with a good deal of dust and residue from the disintegrating lining of the cracked leather case. Mechanically everything turned out to be fine so I removed the dust, cleaned the lenses, and loaded some film.

Then I set it down on a cluttered kitchen counter and it toppled over, bouncing off some cabinets and onto the floor.

Now the mirror is loose, not broken, but I do have to tap the viewfinder a bit to make sure it’s in place when focusing, and I haven’t retested the shutter since that will requiring either using or removing the film.

And all this got me thinking about what would be needed to repair the mirror and while I’ve got it apart…

To date I’ve rebuilt five firearms. I’ve not yet had an occasion to rebuild a camera. Looking at this one now with its loose mirror…

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