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December 11, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Tiny Pirates

My old man sent me a leather belt made in Texas. I’m not the belt buckle type necessarily, but I do own a belt buckle worthy of a hand made leather belt from Texas. Any good American would. I just can’t find it. While looking for it I came across the tiny pirates (I really wish I could have used ‘whilst’ there, but just not right in the same paragraph as ‘Texas’).

I still can’t find the belt buckle. All my boxes are buried beneath the pile of bassinets, infant tubs, and swings… oh the swings. Why do we have so many? Why did the baby hate them all? Why are they still in my garage?

But I did find the tiny pirates. It’s just too bad it was after I tested the Petri Flex V with its extension tubes. These photos were taken on the Nikon D50.


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