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December 10, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Camera Results: Extension Tube Set, Petri Flex V

“Langenscheidt’s Lilliput Dictionary English-French” measures 2×1/2×3/4 inches, or 60x38x20cm, and the quoted name “is registered as an international trademark”, Copyright 1961 by Langenscheidt KG Berlin and Munich and  “Printed in Germany”.

I figured such a tiny book would be a good test of the Petri Flex V with extension tubes, though in retrospect I would have used unexpired film for the first run, but it was the fastest I had on hand.

The Petri Extension Tubes used here were obtained with this manual, you can see a them pictured in the post. I split them up and used the half that I measured to be 31mm, though “half” is misleading as the tube set is really three tubes, with the largest at 33mm by my measurement. They are not marked, and require male and female mounting rings be installed on each end with only one set for all three tubes. These images were taken on extremely expired store brand 800 ASA color film made by Ferrania Imaging Technologies, whoever they hell they are?

Petri Flex V with 31mm extension tube(s) and C.C 55mm 1:2 lens

Above, the Petri Flex V with 31mm of the Petri Extension Tube Set and a Petri C.C 55mm 1:2 lens.

See more posts about Petri Cameras here.


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