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December 2, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Skateboardin at Sheplers Western Store

Thanksgiving this year took me to the suburbs of Denver, CO and while I was there I visited Sheplers Western Store. This time, armed with the Nikon 1 V1 for some documentary shots.

I’m sure at one time the sign shown below said “NO SKATEBOARDING”, until a few good skater punks got a hold of it that is.

I’ll admit, the entrance has some potential for hurting oneself, but I didn’t see any obvious signs of wax or damage.
potential for harm

Once inside I grabbed a few quick shots.
boots on sale

Western stores fascinate me. My dad used to come home from long hauls bearing gifts like cowboy hats and boots, die cast six guns, and sheriffs badges. Cowboy movies were on our TV constantly. Dad only watched three kinds of movies; cowboy movies, war movies, and movies Mom wanted to watch.

Me and the Old Man aren’t from Denver. We’re from Chicagoland, but these days my folks reside in Texas and drove up to meet their granddaughter and the Girl’s family for the first time.

I get the feeling that being in Texas has only fostered the Old Man’s love of the West. We were in that store a good hour or so. Dad walked out with a new hat, freshly rolled, or shaped as I would say. I walked out with a Western shirt and a take home for a colleague.

I regret not taking more pictures. There is a kid’s section with stacks of hats and six guns, and sheriffs badges. The kind of stuff that most kids don’t play with any more. All of it was a bit too old for the Baby. I suppose next time I’m in Denver I’ll just have to go back. Shopping online at a Western store just isn’t the same thing.



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