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November 12, 2013 / Gregory Williams

This is Trub

Trub!Trub and fermentation resudue.

Trub are the solids that are left over from making beer. I throw mine down the garbage disposal but some people like to compost it. They are as good for a garden as coffee grounds, so I’ve heard. I’m not a gardener and I prefer to remove food waste from my home rather than save it in the slim hope doing so will end global warming, but that’s a whole other matter.

A few weeks ago I posted the Ingredients for One Batch of Beer. That particular batch had a rather healthy fermentation and today I finally had the time to move the wort into the secondary fermenter. I wasn’t late. There is some wiggle room and no harm done in letting the primary fermentation go a week or two longer. Good things come with time, and secondary fermentation is for clarity in the finished product more than anything else.

Based on the potential alcohol reading at the end of brewing this is my most potent batch yet, at about 7% Alcohol by Volume.The under side of the fermenters lid after and active fermentation.

The primary fermentation went nuts though, blew the air filter, and the overflow left the exterior of the fermenter a sticky mess. I had to throw the air filter away because there is just no cleaning those things on the inside, and they only cost about $.80. My gift for future archaeologists, or yet another of my contributions to global warming. Tough call.

In a week or two I’ll bottle. It’s sort of a judgement call based on the rate of continued fermentation. Just like when I cook, there really isn’t a formula for precision, you just have to pay close attention to know when things are ready.


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