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October 28, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Thanks Mom and Dad

Recently my parents sold the family home and moved south for their retirement.

Part of that meant going through the cabinets, closets, and shelves, and a few boxes of their nick-nacks ended up at our front door.

I love my parents, that goes without saying, but they do have a knack for purveying slob art, a term that I believe was coined by the American author Jean Shepherd.

One of the boxes contained this doll. My first impressions of it totally went to the dark place and since, this thing has been locked away in the garage. When I say locked away, I mean I actually locked it up. Too creepy to leave to chance I thought.

Found it again today, still in the plastic it was shipped in.

The superstitious part of me wants to get rid of it by burning it in a cleansing fire, but that same part of me also doesn’t want to make it angry, and it was a gift from the folks so I’m at odds.

So long as I don’t wake up to the sound of tiny feet and bubble wrap…


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