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October 26, 2013 / Gregory Williams

First Photos: Ciro-Flex Lines and the Fix

In the image below from this post there are lines throughout the picture. Every exposure from the first roll of film I put through the Ciro-Flex has them.

An old friend pointed out on Facebook that they were probably caused by the camera. I looked inside that camera today and found that the film roller guides, or guide rollers–whatever,  were spotted with rust.

My friend also found the blog TLRography, which had a note at the end of the page describing what to do about rusty guide rollers, without getting into the details.

I was able to pop the guides out of their brackets and use the same techniques to remove the rust as I used for the Springfield P9C and Bonsai Tools, because of the blued steel. Luckily, pitting was minimal and these pieces now feel smooth to the touch with just a bit of 00 steel wool and an oxidizer designed for gun care.

With the baby walking around, the thought of sanding and polishing any amount of steel just makes me sleepy.

The rest of the rust on the interior shouldn’t harm the film, not the exposed area anyway. We’ll just have to wait and see when the second test roll comes back.


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