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October 15, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Camera Results: Konica Auto S, After Falling and Rolling Down a Muddy Hill…

The first thing to do (after falling and rolling down a muddy hill) is to pick one’s self up and be happy that you did not continue to roll into the adjacent river. That would have led to a local news story, and we all know how those end. Never in a good light.

As it was the bums in the park were laughing at me, which I suppose they can have.

The second thing to do is clean the classic camera you stamped into the mud on your way down.

I posted this yesterday.

Let it dry for twenty-four hours, followed up by a brisk scrubbing with a dry soft toothbrush and a few blasts of air to remove most of the dried mud. Then wipe it down with a damp, plush towel to remove the remaining dust. Don’t forget to open the back and clean out the film compartment. Finally, clean all the glass as you normally would.

A Cleaner Auto S

This Konica held together, through the fall, and through the cleaning.

Quality equipment cleans up nice. I’ve heard that.

And the Konica cleaned up very nice!

A film free test shows that everything is working as expected.

Unfortunately, the film I was using yesterday cracked as part of the fall, or because it was expired and ill used. There will be no results from that folly.

See more of the Auto S here.


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