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October 13, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Social ebay – Toyoca-44

The problem with selling things on ebay is the questions.lenses/cap

I hate having to ask them and I hate having to answer them, and the thing about ebay is everyone is there for their own reasons. That always leads to questions.

Throughout the auction I corresponded with a few potential bidders on various aspects of the Toyoca-44 pictured, despite having described its condition pretty specifically, but specific questions followed nonetheless.

I answered the questions politely, but still, questions. Most of them were about shipping, or because the interested party had not bothered to read the detailed description.

Then one gentlemen asked about the lenses, which admittedly I was not very specific about.

“Could you please comment further on the condition of the taking and viewing lens, specifically regarding internal haze/fungus and coating condition (haze, cleaning marks)…”

OK, that’s a good question! It also didn’t hurt that I was enjoying my second beer with my feet up on my desk in my home office at the time, or maybe it was the fact that answering the question didn’t require trying to figure out if the United States Postal Service offers economy service to Guyana (which by the way, it does not). All this question required was a good light source and an open shutter.

Sure enough, pointing the camera at the light source at the right angle finally revealed some cleaning marks, which I explained to the ebay user.

“Thank you for the response, for going the extra mile and for your honesty. I am often frustrated by sellers with vague descriptions that when pressed, respond, ‘I’m not a camera guy.’, yet they have a plethora of cameras for sale.”

A few more email exchanges with my new friend ebay user and he was visiting Social Williams to check out exactly how much of a camera guy I actually am, and I had added a certain level of detail to the auction’s listing that seemed to really kick start the bidding.

Thanks ebay user! The camera sold for a great price, and will soon be far away from my home office.


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