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October 3, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Springfield P9C, Rusted.

This is a P9C which was imported, fitted, finished, and sold by Springfield Armory in the 1990’s, but made by the Italian gun maker Tanfoglio. It is essentially a clone of the CZ 75 made by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod, or what we in the US simply refer to as CZ.

This is one of the worst ways to find a gun, sitting fallow in a safe next to a loaded magazine–both with rust.

Rust can happen to high carbon steel in a relatively short period of time, in as little as a few hours under the right conditions.

Springfield P9C

Firearms should be inspected several times a year when stored for home defence, and if stored between hunting seasons or as part of a collection, well oiled and preferably, sealed from the air (and LOCKED UP but that’s a different story).

This is one of my favorite guns. I don’t own it, but I’ve repaired it and I’ve shot it both on the range and in competition. It’s a great gun; accurate and reliable for starters.

Removing all of the rust while preserving the proprietary finish that Springfield used will be the biggest challenge. At best, there will be some bare spots in the finish where there was rust if I cannot match a finishing product. And at worst, the finish will be ruined.

Field Stripped

Though the firing pin must also be inspected, field stripping the gun shows a reasonable coating of oil, and no visible rust on the internals of the slide, frame, or barrel. Likewise the ammunition shows no signs of corrosion.

This gun would likely have worked regardless of the rust, but not indefinitely had the rust gone unnoticed.

Now that I have two rust removal/refinishing projects, the first being these Bonsai Tools, it makes sense to get out the propane torch and to order some fresh oxidizer and finishing agents. Hopefully I can get down to tacks this weekend, the rainy season just started.


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