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September 24, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Takamine GS-330S

This guitar fell into my hands from a friend at work who probably knows way too much about my personal life and true nature, and likewise.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing so long as the natures are good. Trust is OK sometimes.

In anycase, he heard me and the Teenager were looking for guitars and brought this one into the office for me to check out. Even though I knew nothing about them I immediately sensed that this was a good one and took it off his hands more than willingly.

Since then I’ve learned that Takamine acoustics are well respected, and almost honored by their owners.

This was evidenced in the words of the Brother in Law who said while he was visiting someting to the effect of “you’ve got good guitars, they sound nice.” And in coversations with his sister how “warm” the sound was.

I don’t really get “warm” so an ebay search gave me a more tangible valuation.

I told my friend we needed to settle up and he all but dismissed me.

I’ve tried but I actually can’t play this guitar yet. My hands are wrecked from years of IT work and the only way I can move through the chords I know is with a classical guitar, which has a wider neck.

Even though I can’t play it yet, I’ll keep it. One day it will go to one of the girls with the story of my friend, who knows way too much about my true nature.

Takamine GS-330S



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  1. States Quo / Sep 24 2013 4:04 am

    That is lovely!

  2. Derek / Sep 24 2013 4:12 pm

    Start playing. I remember one day I picked up a guitar and try to learn. Rest is history. Picking which songs to learn first I rather important, iveish you luck.

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