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September 6, 2013 / Gregory Williams

This End of the Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest

Previously, I posted these posts on the subject of the Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest.

This national forest is “…located on the western slopes of the Cascade mountain range extending over 140 miles between Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia.” according the official forest’s About US page.

The previous two posts on this forest related experiences in the more Northerly reaches of the forest, not on the edge by any means, but within tens of miles from the Canadian border. Roughly a two hour drive from Snoqualmie the town.

Just four miles East of Snoqualmie is easy access to the other end of this forest.

Being  closer to Seattle, its populated suburbs, and right off of a major interstate highway means that this part of the forest is nearly useless if one is interested in getting away from it all. Too many hikers, day trippers, campers, and fisherman to allow for much privacy, or especially for sport shooting of any kind.

That’s OK though. Hunting is only something I might try one day and target practice can be had at the local range, but fishing is something I used to do all the time and have missed from several years of city living. I grew up a Bass fisherman, relying on near daily summer relaxation by the local lake. In my opinion a good fishing spot is one that’s close to home.

So naturally when a colleague suggested using my Jeep to check out a forest service road not far from the village I said sure. He wanted to try the road in the Jeep before trying it in his Fiat, as I mentioned here.

We didn’t follow the road all the way to the trail head, some 9 miles from where the road begins, mostly due to the amount of traffic. We failed to account for the Labor Day weekend, and travelling forest service roads is best when there is no traffic. Traffic kind of misses the point, and there was so much this day we actually saw a Smart car. At least we had our answer about the Fiat.

The whole trip from town and back took about one and a half hours, and we saw several spots with good river access and plenty of anglers on the water. The day was bright and hazy, and as usual I forgot to pack any filters but there is no denying the quality of the landscape.
Above is a view of the Snoqualmie River from the road.

The path to the water access site pictured below is seen above.

These photos were among the first I’ve processed using Adobe Lightroom, which I bought to take crumbs and bits out of baby pictures easily. In this case I was able to lighten the shadows and kill the offending glare in a few clicks per photo.

Taken on my Nikon D50 which you can find on the Cameras page.



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  1. aquariosa / Sep 7 2013 2:29 am

    Really miss this kinda view. 🙂 Nice blog & tfs!


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