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September 1, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Lost Snoqualmie

Back in April I wrote this post and this post, each the result of searching for an old timber company town that sat on the other side of the Snoqualmie river from what is now the City of Snoqualmie. It is something a friend of mine had already discovered, and until today continued to elude me.

I probably would never have found the place if it wasn’t for my friend, who partly due to the long weekend we are having here in the US for Labor Day, agreed to steal a few hours from home maintenance and marital bliss to give me the guided tour, and use the Jeep to scout a completely unrelated forest service road in the hopes that his Fiat could make the same journey (good luck), but that’s a different story that will come in a later post.

We spent the bulk of mid-morning through lunch scouting the forest service road, and on the way back into the village took a few minor detours to locate a few old sites of the old town. Having now seen them, I can see why I never found them. To notice the signs from the road it is best to be on foot, which now makes sense as my friend runs these roads for health, recreation, and training.


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