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August 30, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Accident in Low Light on Auto, Flash Off

It has been rainy this week, and in a way very much like the South East or the Midwestern US during the summer. Rain, then heat and humidity.

That’s strange for the Northwest.

Today the rain was heavy and loud like a thunderstorm in Florida or Chicago, but without the lightening… at least where we are.

The Baby, who is used to nothing more than the perpetual drizzling rain that she might remember from last winter and which is the normal variety for the Seattle area, was intrigued by the sound and made a beeline for the window. Since there was no lightening storm we let her linger there for a moment and look out, which made her very happy.

I tried to take a picture but she just moves too damn fast sometimes.

Babies are Fast
This accident was taken with the Nikon.


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