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July 28, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Another Scouting Trip to Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest

Our first trip to the Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest

This time around the Teenager and me took along the visiting Brother in Law.

Our plan had been to take the old Forest Service road to a trail head near the Boulder River Wilderness to field test our hunting packs, GPS, radios, and other equipment. Unfortunately, the road leading there had been washed out some years ago. In place of a passable switchback were the remnants of the wash out, probably packed into place by the Forest Service, based on some of the cut timber. Only suitable for crossing by foot.

On the bright side, this was the exact type of road I’ve been looking for. On the down side, we were still miles away from where the trail head was supposed to be and it was unlikely any of us were ready for starting such an ambitious hike in the mid-afternoon, nor was the road likely to reveal any sweeping views, or easy forest access given the distance we could travel and get back to the Jeep before sunset.

Still we decided to walk on for a bit, just to get a sense of how wild the road beyond the wash out was.

From the stand point of a hunting trip, a blocked forest road would be a great asset. Basically it advances the trail head, and encourages animal traffic in the absence of off-road vehicles. Immediately after crossing the wash out, we located animal sign, and by the end of our walk found evidence of Bear, Cougar, and Deer (if I’m right), among other, smaller game.

The field test of our equipment proved to be a good idea, and revealed we failed to pack one necessity–bug spray! The day was hot and flies and bees were numerous.

Silk worms also hung from the trees over the road, often in large clusters. To some extant all three of us were covered in silk, and hitch-hiking worms when we returned to the car. Needless to say the Teenager was most perturbed by this.

The hike wore us all out. Though it did prove that this part of the forest could be a potential hunting spot,  and it gave us a taste of what carrying a full pack up hill actually means, especially without bug spray.


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