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July 4, 2013 / Gregory Williams

In Honor of Our Independence Day, the 1911 Pistol

There is perhaps no other more recognizable symbol of the American military in popular world culture than the 1911 pistol.

Adopted in 1911, John Browning’s pistol has never really left American military service, though as a standard issue side arm it was replaced in the 1980’s by the Beretta 92, leaving its use primarily with specialized military units. Since its 100 year anniversary and the results of the Beretta and its 9mm cartridge in Iraq and Afghanistan, new 1911’s have been ordered in large quantities by the United States Marine Corp.

A Modern 1911 Pistol

Though manufacturing techniques and mechanical tolerances have improved, there is no significant difference between modern examples like the one pictured above and the pistol that was adopted in 1911. After 102 years of service the design remains virtually unchanged.


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