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July 3, 2013 / Gregory Williams

America Screws Up the Race Issue, Again

The American media has riled up the people of late with “race”, a false concept and something we can probably thank the Enlightenment for alongside European Imperialism, and Freedom of the Press.

I’m writing about the whole Paula Deen fiasco of course. No picture. No link. I can not stand to see her face again.

Consider the following by Jonathan Marks who wrote this at Yale in 1996. Follow the link for the whole paper.

“The scientific study of human biological variation has consistently produced knowledge that contradicts widespread popular, or folk, wisdom. Although people and the populations they belong to certainly differ from one another, they do not appear to do so in such a manner that permits the identification of a small number of human subspecies or races. Classification of people into races involves cultural, not biological, knowledge; and race is inherited according to cultural rules that stand in opposition to biology. Thus race is not a useful biological concept.”

Marks’ paper was the first link when I searched Google for “science and race”. There were pages more.

People are bitching about the wrong stupidity.

Our concept of race did not exist in the ancient world, it just didn’t. Nationalism existed, poverty existed, slavery existed (and everyone was eligible), religious persecution, terrorism, sexism. These things all existed. But not the concept of “race” as a cultural construct like the one we have in America, and much of the world today.

We tend to dismiss the ignorance of the ancient world, but this is a disservice to our own history and our future. In the year 13 for example, the Roman Empire had already suffered a significant insurgency in Europe in the year 8, and was already deeply involved in Middle Eastern Politics that would culminate in the sacking of Jerusalem in the year 70. Years before in 88 BC, the King Mithradetes masterminded the greatest single terrorist attack in human history. In one day 80,000-150,000 Roman citizens were massacred in a coordinated attack throughout Anatolia (Modern Turkey and Asia Minor). This was the Roman 9/11.

Though the details vary, Earth politics weren’t really that much different 2000 years ago, and very likely neither were human beings.

Except people did not hate each other because they were different colors. The Ancients hated each other for reasons like being poor, or rich, or powerful, or weak, or barbarians, or because of their gods, or even their professions. Race did not  enter into the equation.

Every time we call someone a racist, we give validity to the fraud of human subspecies or what we call race. Every time we are angered by racism we feed the misconception that race exists.

Racist people should be mocked, not for their racism, but for their adherence to that unintelligent view of the world where human beings are different because of genetic traits. To mock them as racists only gives their hate credence. Instead they should be mocked as idiots.

Disregarding race in this way does not mean we cannot or should not be infuriated by inequality or hate, nor can we eliminate the legacy that the concept of race has left America, or fix the circumstances of its inequities, until we shed our false racial identities and replace them with a wholly human identity that we all share.



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  1. martyfnemec / Jul 3 2013 6:54 am

    Racism sells. The news media always tries to turn every issue into a racially charged one. It makes people watch, while making us destroy ourselves in the process. From Paula Deen to George Zimmerman, I’m so sick of hearing it.

    • Gregory Williams / Jul 3 2013 7:22 am

      Exactly! When I started drafting this post I originally called out Gun Control as being very similar as a cultural issue, but dropped it because it seemed off topic. Thanks for reading. This one has been on my mind for some time.

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