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June 21, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Camera Results: Canon ‘Autoboy’ AF35M

The Canon AF35M is a camera one has to hold like a smart phone to adjust the ASA setting from 25 to 400. Canon AF35M

Boxy with a stubby lens, its plastic leatherette and light weight make it feel good to hold onto.

This camera boasts a pop-up flash, self-timer, an electronic rewind lever, and infrared focusing system that was easily tricked by glass.

This was still a great camera for its day, debuting in 1979 and dubbed the ‘Autoboy’ in Japan and the ‘Sure Shot’ in the US.

Some thirty-four years later it still takes good photos, if it works.

The frame is either Bakelite or a very similar material, given to becoming brittle with age, which makes for a loose battery compartment door. The electronic components are susceptible to corrosion or overuse. Even the battery contacts become breakable.

I’ve owned four of these cameras in the last ten years. A perfect one that I gave away to someone I thought would make good use of it, and three imperfect ones. The motors in the first just stopped working, the second one arrived corroded and inoperable, and the third required some work to keep the batteries seated correctly.

When fully functional however, the camera works well. You can see some pictures here.

This camera is really all someone needs in a 35mm Auto Focus camera, but as the years go on the quality just isn’t there for this to be an every day user’s vintage camera.


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