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June 20, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Work From Home Wednesday

For many of you, Wednesday was yesterday. For me, it’s just ending.

It used to be, before the baby was born, that I could work from home two or three Wednesdays a month. At home one doesn’t get caught up in small talk, blind donut taste tests, or day to day problems. Instead, one can sit back, catch up on email, busy work, and reflect on the general state of work place affairs.

With daycare closer to work than home, working from home suddenly doesn’t make sense anymore. But at least for the summer months, that problem is over since mom is home because she isn’t teaching.

shadow coming up the stairs

The problem then becomes one of feeling like somewhat of shadow in my own house.

At least for me, removal from the workplace removes the clutter and allows me to ponder, with some clarity, the big picture in between the day to day, the off hours maintenance window, and the residual break-fix. So much so that I tend to ponder it too much.

And as a result I pop in and out of the baby’s day for a cumulative total that is less than a day when I actually go to the office.

I’m not complaining though. I didn’t have to drive today, and with the home office door open I heard every baby giggle and grumble, and every one from mom as well.

Once again, this camera was used for the photo.


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