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May 18, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Camera Results: Minolta SRT-201

The SRT-201 was produced in the late 1970’s, and is one of those cameras I never intended to buy. It came in a lot sale with a Petri SLR35 that had a stuck shutter I got working until I put the body back together. Now it is in a plastic freezer bag full of parts.Minolta_SRT_201

This was about the time I started posting ad-hoc camera photos to this site, so looking for an alternative, I settled on the good looks and still functional SRT.

Where this Minolta SRT-201 has all the good external looks an incidental blogger needs for a quick post, it’s a bit lacking in the minty condition a collector wants, or the perfection often desired by persnickety photographers.

Damaged Minolta SRT-201 Translucent ScreenThere is no wonder it was sold with the Petri, its Translucent Screen has cleaning marks. I did have to search the Internet for the name of that part, if you don’t know–it’s the white plastic screen that hovers above the mirror inside your SLR, and through which images are reflected to the Pentaprism (had to look that up too), and thus to the photographer’s eye. Any imperfection on this screen or the inside the Pentaprism appear in the view finder, but do not impact photo quality, that is up to the lens only.

The 45mm 1:2 Rokkor lens produces clear pictures with great contrast. Together the body and the lens weigh in at about 1.5 pounds, a little lighter than a Canon of same era. The machining of the body is also superb to that of the Canons which are rather dull in appearance. In addition to supporting film speeds up to 6400 ASA, and shutter speeds up to 1000/sec, I think its best feature is the Battery Check/OFF/ON dial located on the bottom of the body. If you remember it’s there you can save the battery life of the 1.5V cell battery that is commonly used to replace the old Mercury 1.3V batteries still in use when this camera was manufactured.Pouse Le Chat

All in all this is a great camera. Even considering the damage to the Translucent Screen, so imagine what an undamaged one is like? No doubt one of the reasons why the SRT-201 is one of those cameras that could be your only camera.

The photo to the right was one of the first shots I took after loading the film.



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  1. Derek / May 18 2013 11:05 pm

    Yeah. I hate scratched up focusing screens too even though I know it does not affect the photos. I like mine spotless.

    • Gregory Williams / May 19 2013 8:01 pm

      I do to. If that’s all that’s wrong with a camera though I shy away from taking them apart for cleaning, lest I make things worse. Which happens.

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