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May 15, 2013 / Gregory Williams


About two weeks ago the Last Batch of the Season was bottled. Since then I’ve been monitoring this final process of fermentation.

I’ve found that there is a significant difference in carbonation between the beer put in 12oz bottles, and beer put in Imperial pints in bottles from St. Peter’s Brewery, St. Peter’s Hall, Nr. Bungay, Suffolk, U. K. (whew). The beer bottled in the pints from St. Peter’s is creamier, and pop a bit when you open them. The beer in the American 12oz bottles just sort of whimpers when you open them. The head space, or area between the surface of the beer and the bottle cap inside the bottle, was eyeballed relative to the volume in both bottle types.

Eyeballed I guess is the key word. If I had filled the 12oz bottles correctly, I think they would be doing as well as the Imperial pints since bottle priming is really a matter of fermentation and pressure.


This pint was frosty cold when I opened it. Notice the head space starts just above the base of the bottle neck. The 12oz bottles which are pictured in the Last Batch of the Season have about 1 inch of head space by way of contrast.


A soft pour resulted in a noticeable, but not unruly head.


Results with pours from the 12oz bottles were rather flat.

Regardless of the carbonation, each beer tasted the same, which is to say pretty good.

The longer I leave the remainder of the beer, which probably won’t be that long, the better it will be.


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  1. theannjackson / Jun 11 2013 2:48 am

    The home brews I’ve had were so good.

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