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May 13, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Monsterous: Nikon FG (1982-86) with AF Nikor 70-300 (2006)

I had my Nikon D50 long before I found or even wanted my Nikon FG, and I still don’t have my Nikon FM. But I do have a few F mount auto-focus zoom lenses.

Aside from a completely manual 1000mm F mount lens that is rather tripod centric, the most versatile zoom lens I own is the AF Nikor 70-300 pictured below.

Nikon FG/AF Nikor 70-300 1

More and more I’m turning back to film just for fun. When I realized I wanted both film and the ability to get as close as possible, I tried this Nikor lens on the FG since I own no zoom lens for my Canons, Petri, Pentax, or Minolta SLR cameras.

Once mounted, the meter worked, even in Program mode, and through the viewfinder subjects look crisp and clear. Of course Auto-Focus doesn’t work, and it’s not supposed to on the FG.

Nikon FG/AF Nikor 70-300 2

Four more exposures remain on the test roll before we find out just how well the FG handles this AF Nikor lens. Something I’m not sure the good folks at Nikon ever intended.



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  1. States Quo / May 13 2013 12:14 pm

    I love these pictures…the camera looks so formidable!

    • Gregory Williams / May 13 2013 7:48 pm

      Honestly, it’s a little awkward to hold onto. Suppose that could be considered formidable.

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