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May 11, 2013 / Gregory Williams

From the Passenger Seat

Last October it was sunny until the weekend we moved out of Seattle. Since then, on those days that were dry and warm enough to roll down the car windows I found I was the one driving.

The weather was lovely today. Warm and sunny out, and we needed to get some groceries.

We could go to the IGA, the most obnoxious place on earth. Every time I go near it I start to think of that show Weeds. So we chose the Safeway in North Bend. There is a Whole Foods somewhere out here but I’ve not seen it. The one time I tried shopping at a Whole Foods they didn’t sell Oreo cookies. I don’t understand how that is even possible?

Some of my friends from here don’t understand why I still find this landscape fascinating. I suppose it’s because I grew up on the edge of the sprawl and since then have lived in the city. Once you get used to the hills, bad food, and passive aggressiveness, Seattle doesn’t really look that much different from Chicago when you’re standing right in it.

But this place is different from Chicago, Seattle, and the edge of the sprawl that I knew.

202 East
Highway 202

Mt. Si
Mt. Si

the North Bend

The North Bend. One screen and popcorn.


Friday Night Gets Underway at Bendigo and North Bend Way.

Photos were taken with this camera.



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  1. philip469 / May 11 2013 7:34 am

    love your blog

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