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May 7, 2013 / Gregory Williams


So there I was thinking that Social Williams hadn’t seen enough gunsmithing posts when I rediscovered this photo. CZ70firingpinextraction

This is not supposed to be art, it was merely meant to demonstrate a method for removing the firing pin from a CZ70 pistol. The slide of the gun is inverted in the vice.

Look closer.

Below the slide and to the left are what look like little fingers grasping across the floor beneath my chair.

I’ve stared at this photo for a good while now, and I can make no reasonable explanation for them. They just logically cannot be any part of me, nor are they uniform enough to be dropped tools, and their position means they cannot belong to the person that took the photo.

What makes them super creepy is that I was living in the renovated attic of a century old home in the Central District of Seattle, Washington–a part of town known for strange goings on.

I remember before I lived in the renovated attic I would watch the place while my relatives were out of town.

Their cats would roam the upper hallways mewing at nothing throughout the night.

The door to the attic could be locked from the inside and from the outside if you had the key, but the key as far as I know, is long lost.

The ceiling in the bathroom below the attic even fell in once, though the water damage that was blamed for this was minimal and the spots nearest the leak had fallen in years before.

This photo, revisited three years later with what I know of that house and it’s neighbourhood, just equals creepy.


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  1. States Quo / May 7 2013 12:56 pm

    This is totally creepy!

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