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May 5, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Only Three Days Left

Tulip Western Washington

My Entry for “April Showers Bring May Flowers”

I wrote about The Darkroom’s photo contest in the post Contests and posted some of the shots I took for April’s entry in the post Another Month’s Contest Pics.

On May 1st The Darkroom announced the 10 finalists for April on Facebook and I was pleased to see my submission made the list.

The idea is that the image that gets the most likes wins.

What I quickly discovered was that some entrants really really really want to win this contest. At least one sponsored their own photo using Facebook’s new advertising tool, and most of us–myself included gratuitously shared the album and our images trolling for likes.

The prize is a Pentax SLR, a K1000.

The other thing that a winner ‘wins’ is a six month moratorium on being eligible to enter the contest.

Looking at the current likes on my photo it seems I’m on track to be eligible to enter May’s contest after all, but there are still three days left.

As I am more interested in an honest appraisal of my photo, rather than learning how many friends I can convince to like my photo–I would invite any willing Facebook users to find the album either on the Darkroom’s Facebook page, or my own. There you can view the album “April Showers Bring May Flowers”  Photo Contest Finalists and like the photo or photos you believe are the best.

Even if you don’t vote, at least one of these photos (and I don’t mean my own) is definitely worth checking out.


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