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April 24, 2013 / Gregory Williams


After visiting Ronette’s Bridge I continued according to the hand scrawled map towards the Dirtfish Mill and the old foundations of a forgotten town.

I ended up deciding to take a road with no outlet that led across a clear cut so new it is not on Google Earth. It was an opportune right turn when I realized last Sunday I was in the vicinity of the old town.

Most of the year parts of the Northwest can go on for days without seeing the sun in any meaningful way. When it comes out and stays out long enough, it is surreal for one or two days. I suppose because of the difference.


Mount Si on April 21 above, and from April 23 below.



Groups of young trees are standing throughout the clear cut, and new Douglas Fur saplings dot the ground. I did not notice them until today.


Barriers like the ones below discourage access to old logging roads that still enter the edges of the clear cut.



I did not take two identical shots on either visit to serve as a suitable comparison, or find the old town.

On my way home, I did stop to get a shot of Ronette’s Bridge from the other side of the river.



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