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April 22, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Ronette’s Bridge

A scrawled map on a piece of note paper peaked my interest in heading to this spot.

When I asked for the map I was more interested in a sort of a unofficial archaeological site of the ‘old Snoqualmie’ a site dating back to early 1900’s that is now the overgrown foundations of an old town.

There are three main landmarks listed on the map, Dirtfish Mill, One Lane Bridge, and Ronette’s Bridge.

Ronette’s Bridge I realized is named for Ronette Pulaski, a character of the series Twin Peaks, and instead of merely using it as a reference point decided to stop.


The bridge has been transformed from its railroad days into a trail head now used by cyclists, joggers, teenagers, and Twin Peaks fans.


The view from the bridge’s starting point facing downstream on the Snoqualmie river.


Graffiti covers all subjects, but references to the series are the most ubiquitous.




From midspan through the chain link fence One Lane Bridge can be seen, another landmark on the map to ‘old Snoqualmie’.



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