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March 27, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Portage Bay

Portage Bay is situated on the North East side of Seattle, just east of where the ship canal separates the University District from downtown. From I-5 south, the 520 bridge punches east/west between the U-District and Downtown before floating out across Lake Washington to Bellevue.

The segment of the water just south of the 520 ramps is Portage Bay.


It’s noisy, urban, inconvenient, and expensive but for the most part the shoreline is residential docks of paddle boats, or inaccessible private land. Nutria were a problem in the area because they were only cute until they got out of the water.

Birds of many varieties are plentiful, including many coastal birds that arrive to fish in the summer months where they can take pan fish and trout from below the pads and docks.

The area was popular with the local Osprey.


I lived for a few years in a building that stretched out over the water amid the hum of the cars and a view of the birds and the Nutria.

I seem to have taken no pictures of the Nutria.


All photos were taken with this Nikon D50.


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  1. solmagic / Mar 27 2013 2:55 pm

    great photos(:

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