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January 5, 2013 / Gregory Williams

Time to Sell Your AR

No! This isn’t an emotional response to recent mass shootings suggesting that American’s need to get rid of their “Bushmasters”.

It literally is a great time to sell, or at least start thinking about selling your AR. It has been since before Obama won his second term, and recent events have only pushed the prices and demand higher.

Now there are two types of AR owner’s that I’ve encountered. There are the “gun guys” that have the AR because they collect and shoot guns. The second type just loves AR rifles. This type of owner owns more than one, and builds most of the ones they own. Either type could reasonably lighten their kit, and make a sizable profit on one or more of their rifles.

As of today listings are showing “buy now” prices of up to $3500 for low end AR rifles that would have cost a buyer about $1000 a year ago.  Parts guns, those assembled by hobbyists or gun stores, are still less expensive than brand name guns, but not by much.

As new gun control measures continue to be a possibility, it is likely that prices will only go up, and since I’m the “gun guy” type of AR owner–I might decide to just take the cash.


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