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July 20, 2014 / Gregory Williams

Olympus OM10

Olympus OM10

Olympus OM10 with Sears model 220, 70-210mm 1:4.0-5.6 lens.


July 15, 2014 / Gregory Williams

Local, Snoqualmie Falls

It seems like I visit the falls a few times a year. I don’t really mean to, but someone comes to town and it’s a great little sight to see not far from home for the uninitiated. It’s also pretty majestic, I have to give it that, so it’s usually willing prospects for the initiated as well.

Since one of the last times I was there, the trail down to the base of the falls has been completed so me and the Teenager decided to interrupt binge-watching television series, and leave the house.

It was a great day for it, though perhaps a bit too bright and the river running a bit too low for dramatic images, but it is how it looked today. Most of the photo credit goes to the Teenager.

July 5, 2014 / Gregory Williams

Campari: It Looks Like a Good Idea, but It’s Not


July 4, 2014 / Gregory Williams

4th of July: Freedom Test

Koran on Stars and Stripes

George Carlin Book on Stars and Stripes

July 3, 2014 / Gregory Williams

Army Men Skaters, On Film

Shot on the Canon AE-1 at the same park on the same day, here is another set of the Army Men Skaters. but on Kodak Black and White for C41 processing.

You can see more posts about tiny things here.

June 30, 2014 / Gregory Williams

Favorite Canon Rig

Favorite Canon Rig

Favorite Canon setup, AE-1 with FD 28mm 1:2.8 lens

June 29, 2014 / Gregory Williams

Army Men Skaters

The brand name of these little guys is AJ’s Toyboarders. They were $5.99 US at the local drug store for a 24 piece set made up of eight different poses.

So today, while the girl and the baby played on the slides at the park, I sat down next to the parking lot and started taking pictures.

Shot on the Nikon V1


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